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Union Medical Supplies Co.,Ltd

UNION MEDICAL SUPPLIES CO., LTD (hereinafter referred to as Unionmed), as one of the few companies focusing on new wound care products development in China, was founded in 1997. After about 20 years’ unremitting efforts, Unionmed has become an enterprise group including research & development, production, agent, and sale.

We have our own brand products such as "SOFTPORE®" " SOFIT®"  "SAFIER®" " SOFTCARE®", " SOFTITER®", as well as agent products imported from UK, Sweden, Germany and other countries. Our products cover the whole process of wound care and treatment: first stage: hemostasis, covering; second stage; pressure ulcers prevention, debridement, rehabilitation promotion; third stage: scar formation prevention; fourth stage: scarring acne fade away.

Growing Unionmed

Based on headquarter in Beijing, Unionmed set sales departments in Guangzhou city, South China, North China, East China, Southwest China and Central China area. With more than 100 regional distributors and nearly 300 direct-sales hospitals, we are covering 31 provinces, 80% of provincial administrative regions in China (besides Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan).

Nowadays, the medical industry is developing rapidly, facing with the increasingly rigorous world economy, Unionmed did not slow down the pace of development, and continue to increase market influence by promoting its own brand. Unionmed provides best products and best service to customers all over the world.

Excellent products

Our company is committed to import advanced medical products abroad to satisfy market needs. At the same time, we research and develop new products independently and actively to promote our domestic medical market to international technology standards.

Wound care products: We research and develop by ourselves, such as "SOFTPORE®" "SOFIT®" "SOFTCARE®" etc. By using automatic control system in the whole process and ethylene oxide to sterilization, our wound care products has the advantages of hypoallergenic, good ventilation and no conglutination.

Mattress protection products: Tending napkin pad "TENA ®" comes from a well-known enterprise SCA (SCA GROUP) in Sweden. We have established good strategic partnership during more than ten years’ cooperation. Meanwhile, we have mattress products of our own brand, such as "DRIPRO®". It expands the market occupancy and adds remaining market share gradually.

Operation room products: Operation package series product "SAFIER®". The base material comes from American PGI company; Raw material is pure natural plant fibers; Spunlace non-woven cloth is made by high-pressure fine water suppression; the advantages are: good air permeability and softness.

In the future, Unionmed will continue to further development in market strategy of wound care industry.

The company's strategic product line are as follows:

Traditional dressing products: gause, gause pad, medical cotton, cotton swap, medical accessories.

Modern dressing products: hydrocolloid dressing, hydrogel dressing, calcium alginate dressing, foam dressing, film dressing, silicone gel dressing.

Surgical infection control products: surgical gown, surgical drape, operating package, operating film.

Medical protection products: tending napkin pad, eye care stick, checklist

Hemostatic products: hemostatic granule, hemostatic gauze

Strict quality management & top-level service

Quality is the life of Unionmed. Quality consciousness is rooted in heart and management system is so strict, which wins long-term trust from the customers. We  have established a perfect quality assurance system and quality evaluation system. The whole process is under careful monitoring, including production plan, process design, equipment maintenance, receiving raw material and put out storage of finished products.

Unionmed service runs through the entire life cycle of product. Unionmed has been adhering to "To meet various needs of different customers" as management purpose, providing personalized service for customers since foundation.

Human resource management strategy

The talent is the base of company's long-term development. Human resource is crucial for steady development of Unionmed. We pay more attention to employee development, and set up a complete employee development system based on training, evaluation and incentive.

We provide comprehensive pre-comprehensive training for employees, so that they could act their role in new working environment quickly. In addition, skill training and professional training could improve the working efficiency of staffs. Long-term and diversification training mechanism provide us a high-quality, efficient implementation ability and professional marketing team and technical team.

Excellent enterprise culture & “To be NO. 1” value

The enterprise culture is foundation to maintain business evergreen.  In the implementation of enterprise adjustment and reformation, Unionmed refined the enterprise spirit "honesty, cooperation, innovation, beyond" as core of excellent culture.

Enterprise culture comes from the company's history, efforts in reality and pursuit in the future. With the fierce market competition, besides adhering to good tradition, Unionmed make great challenge, break all constraints unsuitable for development, innovate bravely, advance with times, develop and breakthrough in the fierce market competition, obtain the lasting vitality.

Facing with the rapidly changing market environment, Unionmed adjust transition and reform actively, from "product-oriented" to "market oriented". Unionmed made clear medium and long term development strategy. In the next five years, Unionmed will stand on the forefront of high-tech medical products sales and  strive to be "the best domestic medical consumables suppliers" with its stable workforce, keen market sense and continuous enterprising spirit.

Unionmed is a leading modern wound care supplier in China.