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Company Culture

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UNION MEDICAL SUPPLIES CO., LTD. was established in 1997, and reformed in 2009. With nearly 20 years’ unremitting effort, we have formed a set of unique enterprise culture management and business principle.



We believe in an extraordinary team is composed of ordinary individuals one by one. We can accept any diligent employee, but we do not accept any lazy genius. This is our enterprise talent outlook. We can provide any potential conditions for employees to become extraordinary. Thus, we put forward enterprise management concept-- "people-oriented".

Facing with the increasingly fierce industry competition and complex social relationship, we unremittingly work hard and put forward a slogan "living for others, doing for ourselves". It is said that, anyone is independent and individual, and their thoughts are changing all the time. If you would like to get things done well and win all satisfaction from customers and partnerships, we shall first be with a warm heat and then learn to think from other people’s perspective.    

We advocate that human being, as ontology, growing up in the environment of the company, shall care for other people, which is what we mean "living for other people, doing for ourselves". We always firmly believe that getting things done well needs good character. Our employees know how to think from the other people’s perspective while working with other people.

  We shall care for colleagues, partners and customers. If you are honest with others, you will receive friendly eyesight at the same time. If all of us think from the other people’s perspective, we will have a big warm family, harmonious atmosphere and good mood. We shall care more about our customers, because only you put customers’ requirement on your heart, you can win recognition from customers. Our company develops quickly, so we can also find our position in society. We care for our company diligently, carefully, deliberately, sincerely. We are caring for others, but also caring for ourselves in some perspective.

 Our company is doing business, and we are working for our own career. We consider our own career while working in the company, which is what we said" doing for ourselves". As a member in the enterprise family, it is our bounden duty to do a good job. Only we take the company in heart, the company can develop quickly, and we can achieve our value better. If all of us care for the company, our company will definitely move forward quickly and steadily.

  Management purpose: To satisfy various needs of different customers.

Management style: dedication, honesty, cooperation, love.

Outlook on value: value for family; value for company; value for society.

Outlook on HR: living for others, doing for ourselves

Cultural aspiration: relax, positive

Company logo: blue: peace; green: life. Innovate in stable environment, develop steadily.