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Disposable Sterile Surgical Set (SAFIER®)

Clinical application: Clinical Surgical Operation
Product structure:
Product features: Protect effectively; Reduce infection risk after surgery; Reduce scraps and flocks.
Product description


Disposable Sterile Surgical Set (SAFIER®) is made up of high quality nonwoven cloths. It has a lot of advantages, such as “bacteria isolation effectively, alcohol resistance, blood resistance, antistatic, no flacks and flocks. It protects both the patients and medical workers, and satisfies the requirements for surgical set in operation room. 

Six surgery bag series used for different surgical spots:

Head and Neck, Chest and Abdomen, Perineum, Interventional, Orthopedic and Puncture. 


1, Raw materials imported from abroad, bacteria and water isolation, ventilate, comfortable, drapable, no flacks and flocks 

2, Unique professional design

Humanized design of main part to meet surgery needs;

Strengthen part with water absorption and proof function at the surgery field, prevent blood and flushing fluid from flowing and leaking; Infusion bag or cloth could place besides the hole;

3,  The folding and placing of the set is well organized, unpack and use, no need to reorder, convenient, quick, time-saving.

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