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Disposable Sterile Foam Dressing (SOFLAT®)

Clinical application: Mainly used for drying, daily dressing and nursing exudative wounds and promote wound healing.
Product structure: Window pattern protection page, polyurethane film, polyurethane foam, silicon protection page.
Product features: Prevent local wound infection, non-stick layer wound dressing painless, comfortable and breathable,
Product description

Introduction: SOFLAT®  is made of medical polyurethane to foam, used in various osmosis wound, light and comfortable, absorb ooze liquid fast.


1.      Absorb ooze liquid fast and expand inside, tamable to wound surface; vertical absorb, non diffusion all round in case of infuse healthy skin.

2.      Provide mirco-moist environment, promote granulation tissue grow, decrease wound healing time, dressing change and expenses.

3.      Soft, comfortable, non-sticky to wound surface, no scab healing, painless while change dressing.

4.      Aperture is well-distributed, well heat insulating performance and cushioning effect, comfortable.

5.      Absorb peculiar smell, prevent diffusion of the smell.

6.      Polyurethane film has the features: water-proof, bacteria isolation, comfortable, ventilation.

7.      Self-adhesion design, no need to additional fixation, good skin tolerance.

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