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Self-Adhesive Film Dressing (SOFIT ® 3000)

Clinical application: It is used for peripheral and central venous catheter fixation, puncture site protection and routine
Product structure:
Product features: Venous fixation, ultra-thin, noninductive, water proof, bacteria isolation, high transparent.
Product description

Detail introduction:

SOFIT ® 3000 Self-Adhesive Film Dressing provides comprehensive care based on top technology. Doctors, nurses and patients like it because of its ultra-thin, noninductive features.


1.    Ultra-thin film, high moisture penetration rate—comfortable and penetrate

Thickness: 0.01mm, one third of normal product; MVTR: 3000g/m2/24h, 3 times of normal product.

2.    Good elasticity and ductility—fixed on the skin

50% coefficient is 0.6N/19mm, much lower than normal product.

3.    Water proof and bacteria isolation—safe and effective

Sterile semipermeable membrane, prevent water and bacteria, allow oxygen and vapour, protect wound surface, prevent local infection.

4.    High transpararency—convenient and beautiful

Low burnishing, not obvious after pasting, observe wound easily.

5.  Special protection page design—exact and humanity

Protect the pasting part not to be pasted, sterility, point puncture site and pasting site.

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