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Self-adhesive Film Dressing (SOFIT ®)

Clinical application: It is used for peripheral and central venous catheter fixation, puncture site protection and routine
Product structure: Self-adhesive film dressing (SOFIT ®)
Product features: Water proof, bacteria isolation, comfortable, ventilation, prevent infection.
Product description

Detail Introduction:

Self-adhesive film dressing is used for peripheral and central venous catheter fixation, puncture site protection. The moisture transparent rate is similar to skin, and breathing semi-permeability film provide safety protection to patients.


1.    Semi-permeability film

Bacteria isolation, water proof, penetrate vapour and oxygen, penetrate no bacteria and liquid; water resistance, reduce infection risk.

2.    Moisture transparent rate is similar to skin

Nearly 850g/㎡/24h, similar to human skin, avoid moisture gathering because of small transparent rate, comfortable and fixed.

3.    Safe and convenient

Transparent, observe puncture easily; low sensitization; window type structure, easily operation; 7 days duration, economical and practical.

4.    Good ductility, stretch double area, not easy to fracture; no harm to skin, avoid iatrogenic pressure sores.

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